How to download music on iPhone and iPad with VLC – player

On desktop and laptop computers (Mac or Windows) the downloading and storing of mp3 files is standardized and fairly easy. Customers using the iOS operating system on iPad and iPhone, will need an App to do this. An excellent free and banner free app is VLC Player for Mobile.

Installing VLC Player for mobile

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Open the App Store and search for VLC for mobile.

vlcplayer1 vlcplayer2

Install the App and open it

Open the mail you received from us containing the download links. Click on the link.

Click the link while holding down, until the copy option is shown. Choose “copy”.










Open the VLC-player and click on the VLC-icon.




Choose “downloads”.










Click and hold the text-bar and paste the link.






Click “download” and click the VLC-icon as shown below.




Choose “All Files” to listen to the downloaded music.










Important notice: Please be aware that any files downloaded with the VLC player for mobile are manageable only by the app itself. If you uninstall VLC Player, the files you downloaded will be lost.